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Is a business incubator that designs Impact Investment Projects to create social companies. Once the funding is made, ImpulsoPaisano arranges, plans, operates, and trains the human capital of the communities in order to obtain economic success while preserving the environment.

Each corporate project and agro-industrial product is different therefore, ImpulsoPaisano designs Impact Investment Projects in which the productive potential and particular investment periods are analyzed –always taking care of the financial safety of producers and investors. – Meanwhile, ImpulsoPaisano determines the rates of financial return, the generation of employments, the investment period, the economic preservation, and the environmental preservation, according to the characteristics of the region in which they will be developed.


To establish the strategies and processes that guarantee an economic success through Impact Investment Projects in favor of the life quality of farmers and families in the communities and regions of Mexico.


Incubate a new efficient and effective economic model that allows the structuring of successful strategies and processes for businesses designed to improve the life quality of farmers and communities.


Creativity to generate more businesses, employments, and opportunities.

To generate self sufficient cycles in the communities.

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One team, your community and us



To structure Impact Investment Projects for the creation, operation, and administration of social companies.


With the support of a multidisciplinary team of professionals integrating and supporting the holistic vision of GrupoPaisano:

1) Analyzes the viability of the Impact Investment Projects considering the social, geographic, legal, economic, and environmental aspects so as to guarantee the safety of the investors and the micro and small scale farmers, and the sustainability of the companies created in each one.

2) Determines the necessary requirements of each project: human resources, documentation, information, facilities, and effectiveness, considering the structure of inputs and outputs of the system.

3) Arranges and operates the project once the Impact Investment Funds are delivered.

4) Trains the human capital of the communities who participate in the projects and accompanies them in each step of the companies, from their organization in associations until they become owners.

5) Supervises each business project during its implementation and achievement.

The social companies created by ImpulsoPaisano from the Impact Investment Fund of GrupoPaisano, whose farmers are partners, allow the comprehensive development of the community. The economic aspect, the human development, the social welfare, and the environmental preservation are a consequence of teamwork.

Comprehensive Development

  • Profitable, solidary, and sustainable economy.
  • Dignified social conditions.
  • Environmental preservation.
  • Strengthen of human development.



GrupoPaisano is a holding company formed by 4 enterprises and a Non-profit Organization focused on generating impact into the economic, social, environmental, and human development areas in Mexico.-an integral development scope-.


Is an Impact Fund Management Company which draws cash from investors from Mexico and abroad to develop agricultural and industrial projects. It´s first fund is Inverpaisa I which will impact communities and regions in Mexico that are in extreme poverty.


It is a business incubator that designs Impact Investment Projects with a comprehensive development view. Once the fund is made, ImpulsoPaisano implements, plans, operates, trains, and gives technical assistance to the human capital of the communities, generating the necessary accompaniment to reduce risks and strengthen the profitability of each project.


It is the company responsible for the commercialization and distribution of the products generated in the Impact Investment Projects of GrupoPaisano, with a strategy focused on capturing the community margins of intermediation in favor of the micro and small scale producers and investors and manage an attractive price for the buyers.


It is a Non-profit Organization that contributes to the development of the communities in which GrupoPaisano operates. By detecting the fundamental needs of the population, CorazónPaisano offers linkages with institutions, companies, government agencies, and Civil Society Organizations.

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+52 (55) 6719 7237
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Viaducto Miguel Alemán 228, PH
Col. Escandón, C.P. 11800
Deleg. Miguel Hidalgo, México
Ciudad de México.

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